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At Indie Boozy, we stock premium booze from independent craft beer breweries in Victoria.

Many are award-winners, but all of them value excellent quality ingredients and taste above all else.

Find out a little about how they came to be, and try their offerings!

Hawkers Beer

Hawkers is a fiercely independent brewing company committed to spreading flavourful beer far and wide in an attempt to convert 100% of the beer-drinking market to better beer drinkers.

Founder, Mazen Hajjar, started the Middle East’s first craft brewery in July 2006, eventually exporting beer to 26 countries worldwide. Following one of his trips to Australia, Mazden decided to start Hawkers, which was founded in 2014 and launched in Australia in 2015.

When they started brewing in February 2015, there were just four people. But it now takes dozens of skilled and passionate people working together, day in and day out, to make Hawkers the exceptional brewery that it is.

Hawkers is an artisanal brewery that uses the highest quality ingredients and are never artificial or chemical. Their brewing techniques were inspired by great traditions, and experimental methods and they use the best equipment on the market.

The Hawkers team believes in brewing the absolute best beer they possibly can because life’s too short to drink bad beer!

Deeds Brewing

Pat Al’e and Dave Milstein first formed the idea of launching a brewery in 2003 and by 2012, they’d launched ‘Quiet Deeds’. Their original beer range included a pale ale, Kolsch and an IPA.

With the addition of a lamington ale, they began growing their range of flavours, which gained them added notoriety.

They since opened their own brewery in 2019 and rebranded to ‘Deeds’.

Deeds holds good ground in the indie beer industry with consistently great beer, whilst being creative and innovative at the same time.

Venom Brewing

Venom Brewing is a small family-owned brewery that was started in 2015 by Joel and Janna Drysdale.

The Venom ‘Golden Ale’ being a popular staple of the brand, had a great impact on the brewery and continues to grow in cult status. While they make a range of other great beers, a fantastic example is their seasonal release, ‘Black IPA’.

Where did the name ‘Venom’ come from? Janna’s father and stepmother are also involved in the business and it was Janna’s father, John, who inadvertently helped with the naming of the brewery.

Legend has it, that John was bitten by a snake one afternoon, and while waiting for his wife to get home, he decided to have a cold beer.

With craft beer in his veins, Joel furiously announced, “If my dad was going to die of a snakebite, there’s no way I’d let him go down drinking a macro-brewed lager!” So, to combat this, they brewed Venom ‘Golden Ale’ – just in case Johnny stands on another snake!
…And for this, we cheers to Venom!

Fury & Son Brewing Company

The father and son team behind Fury And Son began extract brewing in their garage 15 years ago. They now have a large commercial setup and have been brewing award-winning beer together for many years now.

Their mutual passion for brewing quality Australian craft beer has strengthened their bond and enabled them to continue exploring new and flavourful beers that the craft beer market raves about.


CBA 2016
o Pilsner: Bronze
o Pale Ale: Gold
o Scotch Ale: Bronze

CBA 2017
o IPA: Silver
o Pilsner: Bronze
o Pale Ale: Bronze
o Scotch Ale: Bronze

AIBA 2017
o Scotch Ale: Silver
o Pilsner: Bronze
o IPA: Bronze

o Pale Ale: Silver
o Scotch Ale: Silver
o Stout: Bronze

AIBA 2019
o Scotch Ale: Silver
o Double IPA: Silver
o Long Hot Days: Silver

Future Mountain Brewing And Blending

Established in 2019, Future Mountain Brewing & Blending are a Farmhouse Brewery in Reservoir, Victoria, that pays homage to old world styles of brewing with a new world approach.

Future Mountain’s brewers Ian Jones and Shane Ferguson brew beers that are yeast-forward rather than hop-driven; influenced by the rule-breaking farmhouse movement currently happening in America.

At the brewery, you won’t see an IPA or pale ale – instead you’ll find barrel-aged and fermented farmhouse ales, Saisons and fruited sours (using whole fresh fruit from Rayners Orchards in the Yarra Valley). You will also find stouts and dark ales in the cooler months, and limited releases showcasing seasonal ingredients in the spring and autumn.

They utilise 55 ex-wine oak barrels from the Barossa Valley, where they experiment with barrel-fermented and aged sour beer, sometimes maturing in oak for over a year; lending itself to wine-like characteristics and mouthfeel. And whilst they love their experimental barrel program, they are a farmhouse brewery at heart, so their focus is on brewing beers that are clean, balanced and sessionable – just as great farmhouse beer should be.

In 2020, their ‘A Million Stars (Dark Farmhouse Ale)’ was placed in the Top 20 Beers of 2020 in Australia.

3 Ravens Brewery

Established in 2003 by three friends, 3 Ravens started its producing journey in a Thornbury warehouse. The brewery gets its name from Norse mythology (which the partners are all fans of), where the raven is iconic.

The original owners were big lovers of English cask ales, and whilst they initially produced only a small amount of diverse styles, the brewery has continuously progressed and kept up with new and innovative brewing techniques and styles of beer.

As the first brewery in Australia to produce a NEIPA (New England IPA) also knows as hazy IPA’s, they continue to astound us with more types of NEIPA’s, that many people ‘froth’ over.

3 Ravens is one of Victoria’s pioneers of the Victorian Craft Beer scene, and they continue to produce award-winning beer that we know you’ll love!

Stomping Ground Brewing Co.

Stomping Ground Brewery was co-founded by Steve Jeffares, Guy Greenstone and Justin Joiner.

In 2014, they secured the perfect location for their brewery, and within 18 months, Stomping Ground Brewery in Collingwood, was born.

The brewery is very popular amongst the local Collingwood crowd, as well as craft beer drinkers from the rest of Victoria.

Their ‘Gipps St’ pale ale is a favourite amongst many pale ale lovers.

Blackman’s Brewery

‘We love good beer!’ is the motto behind Blackman’s Brewery, and they provide the good beer to back it up.

Founded in 2014 in Torquay, Victoria by Renn and Jess Blackman, Blackman’s Brewery has fast become the leading independent brewery in the region, winning the AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards) Champion Small Brewery trophy in 2019. They continue to create new, exciting and delicious beers.

Mr Banks Brewing Co.

Regarded as one of the best independent breweries in Victoria, Mr Banks continues to grow in popularity. Founded in 2016 by Chris and Penny Farmer, they named the brewery after their dog, ‘Banks’.

Though they brew a diverse range of styles, they are most commonly known for their hop derived beers (IPA’s) and malt derived beers (stouts). They take pride in creating delicious, high quality craft beer, and continue in their pursuit of the perfect IPA.

This is a staff favourite brewery at Indie Boozy Delivery.

Tallboy And Moose

Tallboy and Moose began in late 2013, releasing small batch beer and specialty kegs until early 2015.

Their dream of having their own brewery finally came to fruition in 2016, when they launched their current location in Preston, Victoria. It is well known for its quality beer, and the brewery sets a good example for the independent craft scene in Australia.

Why ‘Tallboy and Moose’? Simple, Dan is quite tall and Steve is Canadian.

As they only have a smaller range of regular releases, they are mostly known for their many small and experimental batches which have had some great highlights.

Wolf Of The Willows

Wolf of the Willows landed on the brewing scene in 2014 when husband and wife team Scotty and Renae McKinnon, released their first XPA and discovered their passion for handcrafting independent modern ales in small batches.

Their ‘Ales of Distinction’ range appeals to craft beer lovers near and far who appreciate taking the best raw, natural ingredients and turning them into ales that are distinct in quality with a unique flavour and character.

As consistent producers of well-loved craft beers, Wolf of the Willows continued building collaborative partnerships with distilleries including the Lark Distillery, Patient Wolf Gin, Mork Chocolate, Tequila Tromba and The Gospel Whiskey. From these partnerships, they created the much anticipated #barrelexchangeproject with casks including the ‘Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP’, now in its fourth consecutive year, and their 2021 AIBA Gold award winning Rye Imperial Stout ‘Persistence’, aged in The Gospel Rye Whiskey Solera barrels.

From late 2019, Wolf of the Willows moved into their own purpose-built production facility in Mordialloc, Victoria. The impressive industrial-inspired taproom offers a mix of steel and recycled hardwood, together with snow gum and whisky barrel featured walls that make quite an impact and the large outdoor beer garden is perfect for guests to enjoy a well-crafted ale against a huge mural backdrop by local Melbourne artist Digable Goods.


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We guarantee that our customers will always receive fresh products, but if for some reason, you receive a beer from us that is marked as past its best before date, then simply send us a snap and we’ll replace it for free.

We love a nice fresh beer but if you buy a beer that’s close to or past its used-by-date it’s unlikely to look or taste how it was intended to by the brewer. That’s why we ensure that all the craft beer that leaves our warehouse is fresh and full-flavoured for maximum impact and enjoyment.

We will never sell you anything that’s past the used by date. You will only get the best from us or we’ll give you a free replacement. That’s our freshness guarantee!



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