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The Haze Phase Beer Pack

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12 Pack


NEIPA (New England IPA) also known as hazy beers are a newer and younger style. The NEIPA style came into fruition in 2004 in New England USA. Essentially an unfiltered IPA or Pale Ale and traditionally brewed with English Ale yeast. This style has taken the craft beer world by storm and is a huge crowd favourite. Is it just a phase before a new style comes along or are Hazy beers here to dominate forever?

12 Beers Included:

Hawkers: Hazy IPA 375ml ABV 6.2%
Hawkers: Hazy Pale 375ml ABV 4.6%
Capital: Hang Loose Juice (NEIPA) 375ml ABV 6%
Capital: Brew Zealand Hazy DIPA 375ml ABV 8.5%
3 Ravens: Juicy IPA 375ml ABV 6%
Hawkers: Party Starter (Triple Hazy IPA) 440ml ABV 10.2%
Blackmans: Ernie Tropical Hazy 375ml ABV 5%
Deeds: Juice Train (NEIPA) 375ml ABV 6.5%
Beerfarm: Royal Haze (Juicy Hazy IPA) 375ml ABV 5.6%
Banks: Juice Fit (DDH IPA) 355ml ABV 6.6%
Banks: Alriiight Hazy Pale 355ml ABV 5.1%
Blackmans: Super Wonderful Haze 375ml ABV 6.5%

Tasting Notes and… 150gm Fruity Frogs


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