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Indie Boozy’s Top Picks


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12 Pack


Indie Boozy’s Top Pick is the very pack you want to give to someone who loves their craft beer. A tasty mixture of different awesome beers we think are at the top of our list.

12 Beers Included:

Hawkers: West Coast IPA (7.2%)
Capital: Brew Zealand Hazy DIPA (8.5%)
Capital: XPA (5%)
Wolf Of The Willows: XPA (4.7%)
Banks:  Juice Fit (6.6%)
Fury & Son: Cherry Imperial Stout (10%)
Fury & Son: Scotch Ale (7.5%)
Banks: Alriiight (Hazy Pale) (5.1%)
Capital: Loose Juice (NEIPA) (6%)
Fury & Son: Brown Ale (5.3%)
The Mill: Mosaic Pale Ale (5.1%)
The Mill: Pink Motel Rose Sour (4.1%)

Tasting Notes

… And a packet of Jersey Caramels


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